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About - Ethan Pham: Ethan's a professional writer, looking to improve on creative writing about the games he loves and the stories he's seen published. From dialogue to plotholes, he looks for it all to the best of his ability, and is always talking with others to discuss. He currently has off-hand experience constantly writing outward to others through use of Discord and forum sites, writing short stories and frequently suggesting ideas to friends and people about their character concepts for games like Shadowrun. He constantly watches videos online on recognizing tropes, understanding usage, and manipulating scenes to become better than their original intention. He's been in the environment of games since 2007, and has seen the transition of life across the years: he had been starting from Left 4 Dead 2, shifting to CS:GO, DOTA 2, League of Legends, Garry's Mod, Rocket League, and pushing up his storage to the limits. He has a love for rhythm, shooters, and bullet hell titles; if it's a rhythm fever or thousands of bullets coming at him, he'll be more than happy. What he loves most about writing about games is how everyone's perspective is different. Although the gamemaker interprets their product one way, people will always play it in a distinct style and one of them will give a new spotlight of thought for the rest of the world to know. That's what he wants to do, bring a new range of thought.

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