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About - Jayson Mayott: He is The Record Keeper of Universes, collecting tales, and information from different galaxies, planets, and top secret space marine military bases. He has come with stories that must be shared to the viewing world of c-137! I am a writer of the fantasy, and of the factual. I've written long detailed thoughts on various topics which included how games played mechanically, looked artistically, and had an engaging well thought out story-line. I have also written about my own worlds, the games that I envision in my head that would be a complete joy to make into a reality, even worlds that already exist, that people tend to enjoy reading about. I've written my own non-cannon (head cannon) plot-lines out for various different anime, games, television shows, and movies! I believe the most of my information would come in the line of 3 game series, Borderlands, Dark Souls, and everyone's favorite PvP game, League of Legends, I keep up to date on any new information in the gaming business but, I tend to watch these three series more closely for any new info, or new patch data to keep up with the meta. My experiences as a writer have been well regarded and many people generally agree with the opinions and points I draw across hundreds of thousands of comments I've poured out across all social media platforms and in the blog-posts that I write. In school I was an English major, straight A's, I even wrote some short stories for school, two of which are used as example products to this day there. I have an exceptional writers certificate from my school as well, as a part of graduation period. I've loved gaming ever since I was a small little 4 year old when my father let me play his Nintendo 64, my first game was Super Mario 64. Ever since my gaming love has expanded into a diversity of different genres, RPG, and MOBA being my favorites. League of Legends, Heroes Arena/Charge, Dark Souls series, Borderlands series, Final Fantasy series, Pokemon series, Darksiders series, Zelda series, Mario series, you can name most game series and I will know a tremendous amount of information on the games at hand, those were just to list some of my favorites. In the end, I love writing about gaming because, it becomes my own world, my own experience, that I get to share with the public to get in on the fun, or I can present factual information to keep everyone updated on what is going on in the world of eSports, or professional gamers, developers, producers, and directors lives, to know where the industry is headed. I love to stay connected to the people through one of my passions!

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