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About - Jeff Gorski: Jeff's love for gaming began back in the 80's with King's Quest played on an original slate-gray Apple IIc. Despite the challenges of getting absorbed in a story with multiple floppy disks and a narrow text-based interface, he new he was hooked. Over the years Jeff has built an extensive library of devices and games all the way from Moon Patrol on Atari 2600 to, more recently, Witcher 3 on PC and Robo Recall on the Oculus Rift. With a preference for RPGs, Jeff has never shied away from delving into other genres and exploring indie titles like Transistor or narrative-driven action games like Dishonored 2. Not a stranger to the power of the pen, Jeff has leveraged his formal education in literature to write and produce two albums published on iTunes (Jeff Gorski & Trestle EP). Now, combining his passion for gaming with his talent for writing, Jeff looks to bring colorful commentary to the industry we all know and love.

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