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If you’ve read our Top 10 List of the Best PUBG Weapons, you might... Read More
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PUBG Corp is on the warpath against "copycat games". Their target -... Read More
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What are PUBG Weapon Skins? Weapon skins are a new feature... Read More
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The PUBG developers seem as undecided about region locking as we are... Read More
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The devs have released their roadmap for 2018. Let’s see what’s in... Read More
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Is the solution really as simple as region lock, like the vocal... Read More
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With the battle royale game as popular as it is, what tweaks do we... Read More
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Here’s everything you need to know about PUBG’s new game mode.... Read More
The twist is, it’s probably not in the way you’d expect. The... Read More
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Feel like you’re on one long losing streak? Here’s our guide to... Read More
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With battle royale games blowing up on streaming platforms, here’s... Read More
Best PUBG Weapons
10 Best PUBG Weapons To Blow Your Enemies Apart With With a... Read More
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There’s no mistaking PlayerUnknown’s Battleground’s role in bringing... Read More
pubg is steam's third best seller
According to Valve’s Gabe Newell, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is... Read More
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The dev team behind  PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have made... Read More
A game of war in which all-for-one is very real and a single mistake... Read More
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