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World of Warcraft: 10 Interesting Facts About The Upcoming Movie
Azeroth will finally make it on the big screen

1. The Warcraft movie will overshadow all other game movies

While other games have been interpreted on the big screen, not many of them have succeeded. More success has been had in cases like Pokemon when an animated adaptation has been created. A live action film is a big and risky move by Blizzard.

However, Blizzard is known for its high quality work, and it is highly unlikely that they will allow something to be released if it is not up to the highest quality. Another important factor to consider is the extent of the Warcraft universe’s lore. It has an amazing story that you could lose yourself in for a very long time.

The amazing story coupled with the huge fan base and resources available for Blizzard makes for a great movie recipe. Now we just have to see if they will deliver.

There is still not a lot of content released unfortunately. Let us know in the comments below what you are hoping to see in the Warcraft movie.

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