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Torchlight 2 Review and Gameplay
That oh so long awaited sequel

You and your pet

Ummm... yep... this is actually a mod. 

Class choice is limited as opposed to what we've come to expect. Only 4 different classes are available, but they do cover the most important aspects: A heavy melee fighter (engineer), a ranged fighter (outlander), a fast and agile combatant (berserker) and a mage (embermage). Each character gets three skill trees with varied themes. The berserker, for example, has one for boosting damage and criticals, one for elemental based damage and one for animal-type skills with special effects.

This does give you more customization options than you'd believe. Runic Games tried to make most skills unique and effective, so it's mostly up to you how well you can craft your build. Though, as with any RPG games, certain builds just work better than others, but the gaps in power are growing smaller.

Gear options are exactly what you'd expect. Nothing new here, except that now you can buy set items from merchants. Meaning that there actually is a chance to complete a set of items even in single player! Though it does take away some sense of pride in actually completing a set, but you can't have it both ways.

The only real deviation from the standard formula is in the pets and it's a welcome addition, no matter how small of a difference it is. The pet levels with you, you can equip it, you can feed it fish to change it and you can send it to town to do your shopping for you (though that does leave you without backup for a while).

Bet you never thought he'd be a pet! Thank you modding community!

The crowning feature is the ability to teach your pet skills. Think of it like having a custom henchman. You can make him a healer, a summoner, he can cripple your foes, give you boosts, launch fireballs etc. Probably the most fun I've had with the game is making sure my character and my pet work as a team. I actually grew attached to little virtual bugger, so I guess they pulled that off nicely!

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