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Top 5 Wow Guilds in 2015 and Their Achievements Thus Far
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4. Ascendance

So you want to be an Orc?

This is a horde guild on the EU servers playing on the Draenor realm. They are officially number 9 on the list of defeating Blackhand after a mere 450 wipes.

They are actively recruiting so if you live in Europe and play on Draenor as horde then check them out here. They, like all the other guilds on this list, have plenty of realm first raid boss achievements. They also have numeros Feats of Strength achievements revolving around challenge mode dungeons, professions, and arena PvP teams.

Their record has been great for the last few tiers of content released, but it appears that they are still a relatively new guild. This could mean that there are lots of recruitment opportunities for those interested in applying.

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