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Top 5 Civil War Games for PC
Ever wanted to experience the American Civil War? We have made this list of our top 5 civil war games to help school you in the most historically accurate way possible.

2. Ultimate General: Gettysburg

Everybody blazing on the battlefield

Ultimate General: Gettysburg lets you lead thousands of soldiers in the famous battle of Gettysburg as a commander for either the Union or the Confederate army.

Not only do you get to re-enact the battle, you can change it! Don't like how it happened in real life? Try something new. Make new history with Ultimate General: Gettysburg.

(Gameplay footage by "Ultimate General" showing the first mission of Ultimate General: Gettysburg on youtube)

Featuring historically accurate forces and leaders, easy controls and unit self-awareness, advanced line of sight, custom battles and more, Ultimate General: Gettysburg is yours to command.

My rating 4/5

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