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9. Watcher in the Water    

The Watcher in the Water attacking the fellowship

If you are ever by the west gate of Moria trying to figure out the Elven word for friend and happen to take a break by a stagnant pool, well it might be too late for you already. In that stagnant pool, caused by the damming of the Sirannon River, lives the Watcher in the water. This horrifying beast has many tentacles and teeth that some describe looking like a kraken but isn’t well known enough. The creature attacked the fellowship outside the west gate and grabs Frodo with one of its big tentacles. After Sam slashes it with his sword the creature lets go and they all run inside to avoid any more of the creatures wrath and that is the last we see of it. It is believed to still be in the stagnant pool outside of the west gate into Moria, if you are brave enough to find out.

An artist rendering of Sam fighting the Watcher to protect Frodo

LOTR: Watcher In The Water Moria

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