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lord of the rings villains

10. Azog

Azog the Defiler also known as the pale orc

A good villain does more than just physical pain and Azog, not being at the top of this list, is one of the best villains in Middle-Earth. Responsible for the death of King Thror and driving King Thrain mad, Azog has already affected Thorin before even encountering him. Azog and Thorin from the start were destined to battle each other. Azog is covered in battle scars and has a claw hand from where Thorin cut it off. Azog died during the battle of five armies when pinning down Thorin, he was stabbed by Thorin’s sword right through his heart. The double kill ends the long history between the two warriors.

The last fight ever between Azog and an Oakenshield

Thorin vs Azog

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