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12. Uruk-Hai

Uruks discussing battle

You know what is worse than running into one villain or creature? Running into a whole army of them! The Uruk-Hai refers to great soldier orcs that serve the dark lord. Also called Uruks, these creatures are mean, cruel, killing machines. They are born out of the mud of Isengard and are immediately trained to fight. While simple creatures they are proficient in making crude weapons and battle. The Uruks were the main obstacle that both the fellowship and Thorin’s company had to face. Most Uruks give their life in battle because that is all they know and all they want to do the few left alive become a war chief and make the plans for the next attack.

Uruks antagonizing their enemies

LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring - The Death of Boromir - Battle with Uruk Hai

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