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lord of the rings villains

1. The Dark Lord Sauron

The Dark Lord wearing the One ring of power    

The lord of the rings himself was a fallen Maia, which is a wizard type, that was second in command to the first dark lord Melkor. He became the second dark lord and strove to take over not just Middle-Earth but the world of Arda as well. He forged the rings of power in the fires of Mount Doom, three rings for the elven kings, seven for the dwarven lords, and nine for the men who he assumed would be the easiest to enslave. War after war the rings were destroyed except for the One ring to rule them all which ended up in the pocket of an unaware hobbit. Sauron’s lust for power and domination lasted throughout most of the third age in Middle-Earth and only ceased once the ring was destroyed.

The eye of Sauron

LOTR - Opening Scene (Battle of Dagorlad HD)

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