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lord of the rings villains

14. The Great Goblin

The Great Goblin in all his hideous glory

Next on the list is a villain of great note but not of great action. The Great Goblin is the goblin chieftain of the Misty Mountain where they prey on travelers who take the easy path avoiding the mountains. He first appeared when the dwarven company led by Thorin, were caught and captured at the front porch of the High pass and brought to him. In an attempt to escape all the torches in the cave were extinguished and a glowing blue sword was held up. Being a sword known for killing Goblins the Great Goblin leapt out of his seat in rage and was killed by Gandalf. From this point the company had to fight off armies of enraged goblins and find a way out of the mountain. The Great Goblin is low on this list because he was all talk and not enough action, but he is number 1 in being hideous. 

Gandalf stares at the dead Goblin as his companion is stuck underneath

Gandalf vs the Goblin King

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