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6. HordeZ

HordeZ VR Gameplay

Unlike the rest of the games on this list, HordeZ is a virtual-reality-based ‘on-rails’ FPS—which certainly makes it arcadey, albeit in a different way, while also taking advantage of today’s groundbreaking VR tech.

Playable solo or coop, HordeZ sends you (an elite mercenary) to sort out a demonic invasion that has seriously inconvenienced the people of earth. Rolling your way through dark hallways dripping with horror atmosphere and coming up against demon-possessed zombies, you could be forgiven for briefly thinking you’d been dropped into DOOM 3.

HordeZ strikes that balance between horror and madcap violence to great effect, especially considering your survival depends almost entirely upon how well you handle virtual firearms. Be prepared for flailing arms and shrieks of terror/laughter.

Getting a bit cramped in here: experience dark, terrifying environments filled with horrifying foes, all in virtual reality.

Am I holding it right?: rather than the arcade light-guns of old, the only firearms you’re holding are inside the game itself. Remember which way to point it...

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