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5. Prey

Prey Intro Gameplay

Released in 2017, Prey was also a sort of reboot (although really in name only) of the 2006 game of the same name. Although the original Prey was itself compared to DOOM 3 (sharing many gameplay elements), the new iteration can be compared in much broader terms.

You are Morgan Wu (male or female), one of only a few survivors aboard the Talos I space station which has been overrun by an ill-meaning and physics-defying alien species called the Typhon. Find and upgrade whatever weapons you can, and choose from a wide selection of unique abilities (Neuromods) to give yourself an edge—even if it means becoming like one of those horrible things.

A strong emphasis on atmosphere and the implications of mankind’s desire to push beyond scientific boundaries both show common ground between Prey and DOOM (not to mention sharing the composer of DOOM 2016’s brilliant soundtrack: Mick Gordon). Having said that, Prey’s approach to gameplay is magnitudes slower-paced, favoring slow-building tension over break-neck action. Both approaches deserve appreciation from any sci-fi/horror fan. doin’ alright?: it’s up to you whether you face the typhon head-on with all-out combat or opt for a stealthier approach.

Who Yu is, is up to You: put thought into your character. You could try out everything, but going for a more specific playstyle may turn out better in the long run.

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