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The 10 Best Games Like World of Warcraft

2. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Gameplay

Star Wars: The Old Republic was published by EA/LucasArts and developed by Bioware.

You may or may not remember a short-lived game series called, “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic”. It was like Mass Effect, but with Star Wars characters. Well, for the third installment, someone decided that it would be best to make it an MMORPG. So now we have Star Wars: The Old Republic, which is either a subscription (where you get full access) or free-to-play (which has limited access).

Bioware games are known for allowing a player to customize their own character. Star Wars: The Old Republic gives you a ton of different options to choose from. You can play as multiple species from the Star Wars universe, as part of the Galactic Order or Sith Empire, and then, depending on the species you chose, you can pick what class you want to play as. (Yes, playing as a Jedi or a Sith is an option!)

The story for The Old Republic is set about 3,600 years before the start of the well-known movie series. The Jedi travel to where the Jedi Order had originated in order to seek guidance from the force after being held responsible for the Sith’s success during the Great Galactic War.

Their latest expansion, entitled “War for Iokath”, takes place with an impending galactic war, and you must fight to control a deadly new superweapon. If you’re a fan of Star Wars and haven’t already checked out The Old Republic… then what are you waiting for?

A Twi’lek and a droid fighting an unknown enemy… (I hope they’re on my side.)

Here, we see a Sith Inquisitor in the process of being customized; character creation is a staple feature in Bioware games.

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