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Top 11 Games Like Left 4 Dead
Ready for some zombie slaughter?


4. Dead Island (2011)

Developer: Techland

Genre: Horror, action

Theme: Man vs zombie

With all of this horror and zombie killing going on you’ll need a little vacation to get your mind off of things. Dead Island might be a little more than what you bargained for in a leisurely vacation.

On the island of Banoi a mysterious zombie outbreak occurs, cutting the player off from the rest of the world. The player’s only chance for survival is to fight through the chaos and try to find their way off of the island before a zombie can get to them first. Apart from taking on gruesome zombies, players will need to explore Banoi, discover new areas, collect items, create weapon modes, and complete side quests if they want to make it out alive.

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This game has of customization options. Players can develop their character as they’d like through RPG style elements allowing them to learn new tactics and skills. Since firearms and ammo are scarce, players will need to find items and craft them into unique, makeshift weapons. These mods will allow weapons to do tons more damage and have special abilities like toxic damage.

Dead Island also features multiplayer for up to four people where players can seamlessly join together through the game’s drop in function. The entire game can be played this way. Who better to have your back than your pro gaming buddies?

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