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Top 11 Games Like Left 4 Dead
Ready for some zombie slaughter?


9. Immune (2015)

Developer: Vidiludi Games and Entertainment

Genre: MMO, action

Theme: Man vs zombie, man vs man

Ever think you’d fight a zombie to the death wearing bunny ears? Now you can. Immune has got you covered on all of your zombie slaying fashion basics.

Immune is an open world survival RPG with sandbox elements. Players need to survive in a wasteland as they scavenge for materials and food, craft, and fight. Players will learn how to grow and harvest their own food and be ready to fight mutants, bandits, and rogue players at any moment.

Become the zombie killing playboy bunny of your middle school dreams

The game features a robust crafting system. Players can create weapons and housing for themselves. It’s always important to have a secure base. Players can build their dream fort, fencing, and doors that only they can open, unless a player with a really powerful weapon comes around.

Players level up through crafting and fighting, enabling them to unlock more to craft. Finding crafting materials is pretty easy. Players can punch trees, punch rocks, punch pigs, punch a ton of things and get resources. There are also various accessories that players can wear like gas masks and mighty bunny ears.

Make sure you keep your items safe. Players can store there things in chests or bury them, but other players will still have access to them. When you run out of health you’ll drop your backpack full of loot, you can pick it up later if others haven’t gotten to it first. Plan carefully.

Immune is still an early access game and has ways to go, but it frequently updated. For where it is now, it’s a messy fun time.

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