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Top 11 Games Like Dead Space
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8. F.E.A.R. (2005)

Developer: Monolith Productions, Timegate

Genre: Horror, FPS

Theme: Man vs the unknown

Who doesn't love a good and twisted shooter? F.E.A.R. is ready to deliver those dark and gritty horror thrills. This game is heavily influenced by Japanese horror movies so expect some serious spooks.

The game begins with a strange and unknown paramilitary force breaking into a multi-billion dollar aerospace compound, taking hostages but stating no demands. In response the government sends in a Special Forces team that quickly gets destroyed. A video feed of the Special Forces massacre shows the team getting torn apart by strange wave of destruction.

He just wants the wi-fi password

The elite First Encounter Assault Recon team (F.E.A.R.), which deals with paranormal situations, is sent to take on this unknown enemy. The team must evaluate this threat and eliminate it. Players take control of the newest member of F.E.A.R. and must utilize all of their abilities if they want to eliminate this unknown threat.

Fights are a cinematic visual for players. Watch as bullets rip through wood and concrete, dust and debris fill the air, and bodies are torn apart and strewn around the environment. As a member of F.E.A.R. you can kill foes with swift kicks and ultrafast reflexes that can be utilized in quick bursts as everything slows down around you.

Players have access to standard shooter weapons like a pistol, assault rifle, machine gun, and of course a rocket launcher. Pretty much every firearm gives players massively destructive abilities. However, there's a three weapon limit so players must make careful decisions. Ideally, players will want a close range, long range, and special heavy weapon. But it's all up to players how they'll tackle this destructive threat.

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