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Top 11 Games Like Dead Space
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10. Singularity (2010)

Developer: Raven Software

Genre: Horror, FPS

Theme: Man vs Soviet created monsters

In Soviet Russia time controls you. Singularity is an FPS where the past and present collide in time manipulation fashion, and you get to be right in the center of it.

Players take control of Nate Renko, a modern-day soldier whose sent to island Katorga-12 to investigate the radiation that emanates from it. Nate quickly discovers that the Soviets were doing time related experiments and gets trusted into the year of 1955. Now Nate has control of the Time Manipulation Device (TMD).

The TMD is what sets this game apart from other shooters. This device lets the player change the age of objects and enemies at will. Players can age up enemies until they are nothing but dust as well as degrade objects until they fall apart or rewind them back to their prime.

Guns and time control all in the same package

Singularity offers a variety of enemies, weapons, and level design. To conquer the enemies and levels players will need to utilize the weapons and time control powers at their disposal. If you use a firearm you can slow down time to chain multiple shots together. Or just watch the slow destruction of your enemies.

The game also offers two multiplayer modes: an attack and defense mode and a type of team deathmatch mode. These matches are class based and let players further tailor their characters through applying different perks.

How will you control time?

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