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Games Like Dead Island
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7. No More Room in Hell (2011)

Developer: NMRiH Dev Team

Genre: Survival Horror, Shooter

Theme: Man vs zombie

Who doesn't love free and amazing game mods? No More Room in Hell is everything you want out of a free game and much, much more. This game is a mod of Half Life 2 and is a FPS with co-op for up to eight players.

You play in a world that is on the verge of collapse from an unknown and destructive disease. Although the chances of survival are slim there are people still out there amongst the millions of zombies. Through teamwork, you and the other uninfected might be able to fight your way towards salvation.

Blood on your axe gives +5 courage and -5 hygiene

No More Room in Hell keeps things feeling pretty realistic. This game is unforgiving and every mistake will punish you. Voice and text communications are limited by distance, so the further you are from others, the harder it will be for them to hear you. If you get bitten by an infected you have the option of informing your team so that they can get rid of you when the time comes or keeping quiet and hope for a zombie cure. Those who turn can bite back at their team who tried to shoot them down.

Players have over 30 weapons to chose from that range from pistols to chainsaws. There's a variety of areas to explore like large cities, abandoned churches, graves, sewers and many other environments. In survival mode you will need to defend and maintain your shelter against the undead in hopes of getting extracted to a safe area.

How will you survive and what will you do if you turn?

No More Room in Hell's official website

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