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Games Like Dead Island
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8. Rust (2013)

Developer: Facepunch Studios

Genre: Action-adventure, survival

Theme: Man vs nature, man vs man

What's your first instinct when getting thrown out into the wild, survival. If not then you are gravely mistaken and will quickly meet an untimely end. If you know that you have what it takes to survive in the wilderness then Rust is for you.

In Rust you will need to overcome thirst, hunger, and the cold. You only begin with a rock, torch, and couple of bandages. Spending more than two nights out in the open will kill you. Immediately, players will realize that they need to kill for meat, scavenge, and build if they want to survive.

These zombies got some fine  moves

Determine if you really trust those around you. Other players might want to kill you for your meat and loot, or perhaps you'll be a little hungry and need a fleshy human fix. Players can create alliances with other players and form a community if they wish. Just make sure that you're with those you can trust.

Crafting is essential to the game. Everything can be built without preparation from a crafting window. Constructing is easy and quick as players are able to see a visualization of their next construct before accidently misspending resources. There's also a stability rating that will indicate if your building will collapse if poorly constructed.

You'll be able to take ownership of the zone around your house, preventing other players from building in the area. Homes are essential for storing your things, resting, and expanding your lifespan dramatically. A home has never been so welcoming before.

Rust's official website

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