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Games Like Dead Island
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9. Project Zomboid (2013)

Developer: The Indie Stone

Genre: Zombie survival horror

Theme: Zombies vs humans

Who hasn't imagined how they'd do in a zombie outbreak? It's time to put yourself to the test in Project Zomboid. This game plays as one of the most realistic zombie scenarios out there. Players will need to do everything they can to delay their inevitable death for as long as possible, Project Zomboid is out to destroy the weak.

Though the game's interface looks simplistic, Project Zomboid is addicting and one of the most innovative post-apocalyptic zombie survival games out there. Players must flee from the thousands of zombies that roam the streets, explore the vast and ever growing map, and do whatever it takes to survive.

Just another day at the office

Project Zomboid plays as a massively customizable sandbox. Players will need to scavenge for supplies, farm, fish, cook, craft items, build barricades, and fight. This already hardcore game also focuses on realistic survival. Not only will players need to keep their health and hunger in check but they will need to withstand boredom, depression, illness, and addictions.

As this game is currently in early access, tons of more features will be coming. Players can expect new stories, meaningful and varied encounters with NPC survivors, an expansion of the city and countryside, a wilderness survival system, and many more items.

Project Zomboid's official website

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