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Games Like Dead Island
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10. Survival: Postapocalypse Now (2015)

Developer: TB Games

Genre: Action, indie, massively multiplayer

Theme: Survival

Perhaps in the midst of all of your zombie gaming you did need a zombie break. It happens to the best of us. Don't stop your gaming sessions though and take on Survival: Postapocalypse Now because a life without gaming is sad indeed.

Survival: Postapocalypse Now is a multiplayer survival game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Rather than facing off against zombies and mutants, you'll need to survive against wild animals and other players. Players will have a variety of weapons to pick from if they know where to look (hint, the factory) and vehicles if you feel like having a sweet ride across a post-apocalyptic world.

Stay toasty

Players are able to customize their character's model, so get those cool tattoos you were never able to get in real life. The game features food, liquid, and temperature systems that players need to keep in check. If you do die there's a 60 second respawn timer. While you wait to respawn you can cycle thorough other players and see what they're up to.

For the price of $6 dollars Survival: Postapocalypse Now is a bargain, even if it is still in early access.

Survival: Postapocalypse Now's official website

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