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Top 10 Most Played Zombie Killing Games
Sledgehammers, power tools, shotguns, you name it!

6. Dead Rising

Look into the face of true terror

The third game of this franchise was released towards the end of last year, and it was just as big of a hit as its predecessors. This whole series takes the horror out of zombie games and replaces it with reckless fun. Whether you are trying to keep your daughter alive through a daily injection of the Zombrex drug or if you’re simply trying to survive the massive zombie break out in your city, this game is an awesome zombie killing game.

The first thing to know about Dead Rising is that everything is a weapon. You can kill zombies with medieval weapons, assault rifles, boxing gloves, beer bottles, or even stuffed animals from the toy store. The customization in this game is awesome, and the most important aspect is not to survive, it is to have fun!

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