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Top 10 Most Played Zombie Killing Games
Sledgehammers, power tools, shotguns, you name it!

7. Resident Evil

Many of the cliches we get in zombie games can be traced back to Resident Evil

Go back to the roots of how almost all popular zombie games began. Well, it wasn’t the first zombie game, but it definitely helped popularize the genre. The game series started back in 1996 and has had well over 10 games released since then. The series spans multiple characters and different storylines, but one thing always remains the same, your ability to kill zombies.

Resident Evil is not so much a hack and slash zombie shooter as the rest of the games on this list though. It is a part of the survival horror genre and it plays that role very well. You have to be careful as you move across the levels because the zombies can quickly overwhelm you!

A noteworthy mention should be given to this series for introducing the zombie dogs… We all remember too well the heart attack feeling we got when the zombie dog burst through the windows in the first game.

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