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Top 10 Most Played Zombie Killing Games
Sledgehammers, power tools, shotguns, you name it!

8. Left 4 Dead 2

You happy now? You killed me!

You play as one of four survivors of a massive zombie infestation. The campaign mode follows the small group as they try to escape the infected zones with their lives intact.

This game is not known for its story, but rather its awesome coop game modes. Each of the 4 individuals in the group is meant to be controlled by a different player, not the crappy AI. Like most other zombie games you gain points for killing the undead, and the better you kill them, the more points you get.

You’ve got to be careful though, in this game you don’t have access to unlimited ammo or weapons. If you run out, you’ll be swinging the best blunt weapon you can find lying around. Unfortunately melee doesn’t work to well when you’re being assaulted by a swarm of undead.

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