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Top 10 Games Like Devil May Cry, Ranked Good To Best
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5. Prototype

He is both the disease and the cure

Release date: June 9, 2009

Developer: Radical Entertainment

Genre: Action-adventure

Prototype, Alex Mercer, City, Game, Sandbox, Open World, Superhero

Make no mistake, Assassin's Creed this is not

A desperate man with nothing to lose, apparently carrying a new strain of the virus that's destroying the city, uses his newfound superpowers to learn who's behind it all.

Prototype is a superhero sandbox that lets you more or less do whatever you want in a decomposing, monster infested city. You are free to decide whether to move the story along, push back monsters or hit the military's outposts (army men are out to get you too). In the long run, it all just makes you stronger.

At the time, this title brought to the PC platform an unsurpassed sense of power and freedom that remains impressive up until today. Since then, other titles have come and gone, but we all remember Prototype.

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