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 Games Like DayZ Players running into the bleak distance
Running for you life... There is no better way to start or end your day.

7. Hurtworld

Sniper rifle, from the roof, a player gets blasted into the sky

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A FPS sandbox survival, pick your own pain kind of game. Choose anything from freezing forests to the searing deserts. Hurtworld will reward your fearless, risk-taking mindset. You could survive with just a bow and some arrows. Or, you could travel further into the map and discover items for killer weapon upgrades. Literally hundreds of items can be crafted by relentless scavengers.

This game has something called an Infamy bar. Depending on your characters path, there are certain rules that must be followed. Some decisions can gain you a bad reputation and increase your Infamy points. For example, if you are a Law Man, and you murder someone, you will get 1 infamy point. Each infamy point puts one secured item up for grabs by other players when you are killed. So always equip you best gear.

Player devising a plan to get through some tough terrain.

Hurtworld sports a low cap on PvP items, keeping the battleground level.

Player approaching a dune buggy gang

To minimize cheating, Hurtworld uses a more FPS style network instead of MMO.

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