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 Games Like DayZ Players running into the bleak distance
Running for you life... There is no better way to start or end your day.

11. Miscreated

Three zombies of varying size and grossness.

An in-game currency has been added as of June 21, 2018. It’s called “amCoin”.

After decades or nuclear and biological war, the world is reduced to a lightly populated, survival obsessed, zombie ridden nightmare. An all-powerful company, Amalgamated Corporation, provided the perfect recipe to turn your neighbors into bloodthirsty fallout victims.

Going scavenging? Take the dirt bike, it’s a lovely day, just 3% chance of snow--an update by developers. Also, passengers will be dumped, and engine turned off, when the driver exits.

Vehicle with no tires rolling down the street.

Remember “Fanny Packs”? Look good, feel good-- by customizing the new, “waist slot”, on your character.

Player running along beach with a rifle and stylish hat

Because of abuse, the use of programs like ReShade, SweetFish or Nvidia Program Inspector, have been disabled.

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