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 Games Like DayZ Players running into the bleak distance
Running for you life... There is no better way to start or end your day.

3. Infestation: The New Z

Strong zombie trying to kill player with a rifle.

This Infestation version was built by a developer FredAikis that liked hacking the older game renditions.

Built as a massive open world shooter, Infestation: The New Z, is free to play. It’s a battle royale along with other modes on the way. You will have huge maps with forests, towns, and cities. Fight until only one player is left standing.

Guard your reputation at all costs, and only progress in directions you are willing to deal with the consequences for. Based on the same principle, aim for big payout targets, like Sheriffs, they fetch a cool +500,000 kill points, when defeated.

Players spot approaching horde with night vision

Look for military posts to loot. They take a lot of bullets, but it’s worth it.

Player next to a vehicle that is on fire

The New Z is a descendent of Infestation Survivor Stories, a.k.a. War Z.

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