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Counter-Strike, CS, Team based shooter, FPS, Shooter, Game, Team, Military, Terror
Get in position and wait for my go

2. Urban Terror (2000/2015)

Some of the many things you can do

Developer: Frozen Sand, LLC

Genre: First-person shooter

Urban Terror, FPS, Game, Sniper, Shooter, Groin, Action Movie

This is one (family) jewel of a game

Urban Terror is a Hollywood movie inspired shooter. No more, no less.

On one hand, this game has a lot of realism. Weapons deal significantly more damage depending on where you shoot someone. Wounds bleed if not tended to, and you can actually die from a minor injury if you don’t take the time to bandage it. On the other hand, your character is capable of obviously superhuman feats such as wall jumping, powersliding, and remaining on their feet after taking multiple gunshot wounds.

If you want an extremely fun and addictive game that floats somewhere between gritty and over the top (occasionally stepping into both territories), then Urban Terror is something you will love.

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