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best games like civilization
10 different ways to conquer the world from the comfort of your own home.

9 ) Endless Space

Endless Space is a sci-fi 4x strategy game where you take charge in an interstellar empire and attempt to conquer planets, extending your grasp throughout the universe. You get to choose between 8 different space-faring civilizations to play as. You can play as a race of genius aliens, intelligent machines, insectoid hunter-gatherers, and, yes, an evil empire ruled by villainous humans. 

With fleets under your command and planets within your reach, you are sent out to explore countless star systems to collect the resources you'll need to accomplish the game's main goal: victory. Like in Civ 5, your ability to gather and capture important resources is key to finding success in the game.

Endless Space is a predecessor to Endless Legend, having been released in 2012, two years before Endless Legend's 2014 release, and produced by the same development studio. Don't let the connection fool you, though! Endless Space is on a completely different level and scale: a galactic one.

The final frontier.

With exciting sci-fi combat and gorgeous visuals of the wonders of deep space, Endless Space makes the road to victory long, pretty, and full of adventure. The game's large scale does end up in a few problems, though. Exploring space can become repetitive as you collect the same resources and navigate the same menus, and perhaps you'll find the game isn't so deep as it promises. 

That being said, Endless Space was an ambitious attempt at 4x strategy awesomeness, and for that, we personally give it a score of 4/5.

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