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games like battlefield
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1. Titanfall (2014)

On foot and mechanized gameplay are both equally impressive

Developer: Respawn Entertainment

Genre: First-person shooter

Titalfall, Game, Mecha, Shooter, City, Online, Multiplayer

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Titanfall lets you take part in a semi-important conflict between the IMC (Interstellar Manufacturing Corporations) and the Militia, while letting you pilot an extremely important giant robot.

On foot, you are extremely mobile, and can use impressive free running moves to quickly cover the large battlefield. Before you can enter a Titan’s cockpit, it needs to be dropped onto the battlefield, which is indicated by a countdown. Killing enemy players reduces this countdown, as well as adding to your score. When your beast finally arrives, upon entering you become a walking engine of destruction that sadly cannot jump, but can take and deal a monstrous amount of damage.

Unlike most large scale games, Titanfall has very little wait time between fights on the map due to the player’s insane mobility. Along with the high-octane action and strong atmosphere, this makes it into a title you don’t want to ignore.

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