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3. Killing Floor 2 (2015)

There might be a lot of them, but you’re the one with the gun

Developer: Tripwire Interactive

Genre: First-person shooter

Killing Floor, Killing Floor 2, Game, Cooperative, Shooter, Team, Zombies

Predator-zombies, what will they think of next?

Europe is in shambles, brought low by an epidemic that’s grown out of control. Will you manage to fight your way through the mutated zombies, or will you settle for a vacation in their rotting abdomens?

Before a game starts, you select a class and one of several perks offered for it. Then, you are sent head-first into a defensive, cooperative romp with up to five other players, and tasked with surviving wave after wave of zombies. Kills give you money, which you can then spend to buy weapons, ammo and armor. After each game, you can use the experience you got to upgrade your effectiveness with the character class you played.

Addictive and just oozing adrenaline, Killing Floor 2 is a recommended title to all but the easily disgusted.

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