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games like battlefield
He is as impressed as we are

8. Hawken (2012)

The machines you pilot are agile and rather fast

Developer: Adhesive Games, Reloaded Games

Genre: Vehicular combat, First-person shooter

Hawken, Game, Mecha, Shooter, FPS, Desert, SF

Those who miss the old Mechwarrior will find their home here

Take control of a massive battle machine, and dive into the war for control over the world’s resources.

Hawken puts you into the cockpit of an impressive piece of death-dealing hardware that is neither slow nor impractical. You are free to load your bad boy up with whatever arsenal you prefer, before taking it into any one of the game modes we’re all used to, except it’s all with giant robots, so it’s more fun by default.

Are you tired of getting a new game and having it feel like something you already played to hell and back? Then join Hawken’s open beta and put some metal into that playlist.

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