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games like battlefield
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9. Warframe (2012)

Just a taste of what you can expect

Developer: Digital Extremes

Genre: Third-person shooter

Warframe, Tenno, TPS, Cooperative, Exo-suit, Space

Cyber ninjas – what’s not to like?

You are one of the Tenno, a forgotten race of warriors that return to find the galaxy ravaged by war.

After the initial tutorial/cinematic, you may choose from one of three available exo-suits before being allowed to pick your next mission from the main map. The objective, of course, is to become more and more powerful so you can take on more difficult missions, which in turn produce better loot.

The cycle doesn’t end for as long as you play, and this can unfortunately get somewhat tedious after a while. However, the game’s interesting setting, premise and atmosphere, as well as the solid base gameplay, make up for the minor problem of repetitiveness.

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