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best warhammer games
In the far, far future, there is only war!

2. Space Hulk (2013)

The original space hulk

Get your tactics on in Space Hulk

Space. The final frontier…wait, wrong franchise. Space is a strange and deadly place. Sometimes, abandoned ships are left to float in space. These ships are then reclaimed, spliced together and repurposed as a brand new, flying space hulk. Orks love these things and they can be a daunting site for even the most hardened Space Marine. However, in this game, orks aren’t the problem…

Plot your course through the interior of the space hulk. Roll the virtual dice with the best. And watch out for those confounded genestealers. There’s a nice mix of RPG and tactical elements in a grim dark setting. It’s the perfect virtual 40K experience and a fantastic way to learn more about space hulks in general!

Space Marines square off against their opponents on the space hulk...

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