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best warhammer games
In the far, far future, there is only war!

5. Space Hulk Death Wing Enhanced Edition

Aliens on steroids

Tyranids attack

Terrible's like a scene ripped straight from the Alien films!

Aboard a derelict spaceship or a floating barge of space debris, you must fight for survival. Based on the board game of the same name, you'll find yourself clashing with evil in space, where no one can here you scream! Enter the Space Hulk and prepare to eat or be eaten, so to speak. Although, with tyranids involved, being eaten may pose an actual threat.

This first-person shooter takes the battle with those pesky genestealers to an entirely new level. With a massive battle to fight across beautiful environments and spectacular visuals, this game is a must have for any fan of 40K or shooter games. Fight they tyranid menace and emerge victories. Or die trying…

In battle

Those pesky genestealers will get ya every time

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