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A very retro gem in a modern era

Level Design

I'm a huge fan of how these levels were made. Though they are basic platformer levels they're absolutely packed with goodies (and baddies). They put in challenges where you have to use your head a bit, like figuring out how to walk backwards(?). There are mini-games where you need to hit certain targets, semi-bosses along with the big bosses, music, treasure, trivia... There's just so much to be found!

Keep checking the map!

Not only that, but the levels are generated at random with each restart. With the exception of the four major sections (you will recognize them by the different art style). The forest is always to the right, the dungeon is always below and...well it might not be a dungeon for you, but that place will always be there. Whatever you call it. Each individual "room" is still randomly placed.


No sugarcoating here - this game is tough. It's one of the few that remind of the old Mega Man titles on Nintendo consoles or the DOS version of Prince of Persia. Okay, maybe not as hard as Prince of Persia. Still, it's up there. Bosses will kill you the first few times, until you learn their attack patterns. Let's get real though, this is a game where you're expected to die right? It's the only way to experience all of the content anyway.

Not the most pleasent situation to be in.


Enemies range from mindless cannon-fodder to annoying little sister. Seriously, with some of them you just can't catch a break! It takes a while to get the hang of that living portrait's flying patterns. I'm not even going to mention the rooms where you get several ghosts flinging ice in all directions. Oh, I just did. Anyway, you get the idea.  

Nice move, but watch the ground!

They are diverse and I like the fact that there is a sort of trick to each one. Mastering the attack and movement patterns of enemies is the key to success. It's not all about running around flailing your sword. You can try, but the basic charging knight enemy will get you unless you jump out of the way. Learn the enemies and you'll have a higher chance of survival.

It only gets worse.

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