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This game could catch you off-guard

9. Shadows will drive you insane

See that? See how he teleported behind us? 

Formations be damned when these guys attack you. Shadows are, without a doubt, my most hated enemy and for only one reason - teleportation! When I first got into a fight with a few shadows and went with my standard formation of mages in the back, fighters in front I was really surprised when I saw one of my backline characters was knocked out. How did that happen?

Turns out that one of the shadows, I thought I had taken out, just teleported right to the back row of my group and proceeded to pummel the living daylights out of poor, fragile Aloth. That was a pretty painful experience, and not just for him. Heed my warning and be very careful when facing this elusive foe.

10. Don't confuse the Cipher and the Watcher

At first it seems obvious, but as the story progresses and you get certain dialogue options, meet new characters etc, the line gets a little blurry. Let me clear it up for you. Ciphers work with minds, Watchers work with souls. It's that simple. Yes, both can infiltrate your lives or your thoughts, but they do it differently.

A Cipher would probably have some trouble communicating with the deceased, whereas this is common territory for a Watcher. On the other hand, a Watcher might have trouble infiltrating the thoughts of the living. Of course, a combination Cipher/Watcher has no trouble at all with breaking all notions of privacy. This is just what I gather based on the story and certain moments in the game, it's possible that even the developers got a little lost with these two.

Consider this a fun collection of information and tips for the newcomer. It's a small list of only ten things, but Pillars of Eternity has so much more depth to offer. This is where you, the readers come in! Is there anything else of interest in Pillars of Eternity? Maybe you have some amazing tips for the advanced player. Help us enrich this article with your comments. 

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