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Looking forward to Oculus Rift
11 things you may not know about VR

5. A new kind of game of the rise

Gameplay is evolving to adapt to the virtual reality platform

Fanfest 2015 Gameplay Trailer

With any new gaming platform, new standards must arise. Since virtual reality is supposed to hit the mainstream market, this means that developers need to start thinking of new ways to integrate how our whole bodies might be used in the gaming experience. Perhaps the first step is with one of the games included in Rift’s pre-order is Eve: Valkyrie.

This is a classic cockpit game that lets you experience the flight and battle simulation as if you were really in behind the wheel of your own spacecraft. This is a simple example of what’s available, but what more exciting is what is to come. Once VR becomes a standard in gaming, one can only imagine the sort of games we can dream up.

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