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Games Like DOOM to play in 2018
The fight never ends.

3) Battlefield 1

The war between military shooters often comes down to a standoff between Call of Duty and Battlefield. It’s interesting, then, that while CoD is going to the far future with Infinite Warfare this year, Battlefield is headed in the opposite direction.                   

The oddly-named Battlefield 1 takes players all the way back to the original Great War, World War 1. For the first time players will fight in the trenches, on horseback, and in biplanes, contending with mustard gas and shooting down massive dirigibles. Battlefield has always been known for its pounding sound design and massive dynamic 60-person multiplayer; by the look of things, turning back the clock has done nothing to dial down the intensity. Weapons and vehicles are less high tech than in recent iterations – no auto-targeting weapons on fighter jets, for example – but that doesn’t make them any less brutal. Classes are back, of course, and arguably more important than ever. You’ll need the right equipment to take out the crude but deadly tanks.

Battlefield 1 hits this October.

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atwood's picture

atwood 4 years 3 months ago

@john yes it is great, and from now you can find Project Warlock on Steam!

johnbrock's picture

johnbrock 4 years 5 months ago

Thanks for this list. I would put on the list Ion Maiden and Project Warlock. This are old-school styled FPS but are just great!

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