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Games Like DOOM to play in 2018
The fight never ends.

14) Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 has all the pulse-pounding action of DOOM, minus the Doom Marine badassery. Like its predecessor, the insanely popular sequel to Valve’s insanely-popular zombie FPS gives you little more than some guns, your wits, and maybe a machete or baseball bat, and throws you into zombie-infested New Orleans with up to three of your friends. Death comes quick on the heels of the screeching horde. Your only goal – work together and survive long enough to escape.

In addition to your standard zombie – or Infected as they’re called in the game – Left 4 Dead 2 also features eight different types of Special Infected: Boomers, Hunters, Smokers, Tanks, Chargers, Spitters, and Witches. Each variation has special mutations that make them even more deadly than their common counterparts, from the Hulk-like strength of the Tank to the Smoker’s long asphyxiating tongue and the Spitter’s acidic saliva. But it’s not all bad news, because players can take on the roles of the Special Infected in four competitive multiplayer modes. This asymmetrical gameplay makes Left 4 Dead 2 truly unique among zombie games and shooters alike.

One wrong move can call down the horde.

Left to right: Charger, Hunter, Spitter, Jockey, Tank, Witch, Boomer, Smoker

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atwood's picture

atwood 2 years 9 months ago

@john yes it is great, and from now you can find Project Warlock on Steam!

johnbrock's picture

johnbrock 2 years 11 months ago

Thanks for this list. I would put on the list Ion Maiden and Project Warlock. This are old-school styled FPS but are just great!

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