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Hyur - Heavensward
I'm more than just a pretty face. I've slain dragons, baby.

4. Persistent-World Gameplay

The city of the north - where flying is the same as breathing.

Civilization clusters are teeming with Adventurers mingling with each other, trading their wares and spoils of war; cities are bustling with activity the whole day long. As you exit the gates and head out for a hunt alone or with a party, the transition from free-roam to battle mode is seamless. Field monsters litter the terrain unlike some MMORPGs where battles are separated in instances - though there are some quests that only a party can enter (these are special cirmustances when you need to tackle an instanced raid dungeon). And as time ticks slowly in Eorzea, FATE encounters happen several times a day due to various triggers, calling out Adventurers to flock the location and complete it – ranging from collecting mysterious items to slaying a giant Titan. Talk about real-time tactical decisions when your friend messages you that Odin suddenly appeared while you’re busy haggling prices with a fellow merchant.

5. Easy-to-Learn Battle System

Questing alone is fun, but bashing a chunk of living armor or an oversized tortoise raises the fun factor by a notch.

Who doesn’t want a good fight? Battles commence real time in Eorzea, allowing you to quickly skim through fight-or-flight tactics before tackling a monster down. Should you choose to engage, the encounter unfolds. Real Time Battle system allows you to issue commands quickly and easily to attack, defend, or use special skills. “Strength in numbers” ring true in this game too. Aside from the relative decrease of combat difficulty for every addtion of a reliable team member in a party, Limit Breaks return as party skills triggered as players perform actions in battle; Cloud’s trusty Buster Sword emerges with Braver, wreaking havoc to a hostile enemy, while the ominous Meteor spells destruction to its point of touchdown - literally. The future Heavensward expansion promises a new set of class-specific Limit Breaks which will add variety to the existing battle scheme too.

Whether you’re a new MMORPG player or a hardcore fan of the series, Final Fantasy 14 delivers a rich, immersive experience that Square Enix has been renowned for years. What’s in store for you in the realm of Eorzea, future Adventurer?

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Cherrykuns's picture

Cherrykuns 8 years 3 months ago

That, I might not be certain. All Final Fantasy online games are in a subscription-based format, and even Final Fantasy 11 is still kicking thirteen years since its launch. I'm afraid that things might stay the same, but I'm hoping that they would somehow reduce the subscription charges. Turning it into a free-to-play game might destroy its current business model.

Shogun's picture

Shogun 8 years 3 months ago

I really want to play this game, i should give it a shot because I love the final fantasy saga.. But is so expensive, i might wait for a price change, hope they do what TERA did.

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