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Hyur - Heavensward
I'm more than just a pretty face. I've slain dragons, baby.

2. Stunning Visuals and Music

If dungeons are these nice; selfies are required BEFORE kicking monster butts.

Eorzea, the game’s main continent, provides major eye-candy as it literally pops out the screen in an array of textures the moment the game loads – from lush forests to pristine beaches, and it even has a sandbox of a desert to boot. Any time is a good time to take a candid photo alone or with your friends, whether in the midst of battle with a world boss or in gloomy fishing spot while wrestling with your rod in hopes of a big catch.

Dragonsong: tales woven for aeons, spoken through a minstrel's lips.

Coupled with music of Nobuo Uematsu, Masayoshi Soken, Naoshi Mizuta, Ryo Yamazaki, Tsuyoshi Sekito and Ai Yamashita, the game’s contemporary orchestrated pieces transform a mundane, sit-around-and-relax atmosphere where a player hangs out and mixes potions on a lazy day to a heart-pumping, almost panic-inducing trance as Adventurers engage in wide-scale, epic FATE (Full Active Time Event) skirmish. As one of the modern iterations of the Final Fantasy series, FF 14 never fails to deliver a memorable audio-visual experience that rings in the head even after logging out for a break.

3. Character Customization and Class Specialization

Every detail counts.

For those picky with their avatar looks, you’re in luck. With five races to choose from: the human Hyur, elven Elezen, cute and tiny Lalafells, feline Miqo’te and giant Roegadyn, the possibilities are endless. Want a tall cat-lady spamming spells? How about a pointy-eared archer? Everything can be customized, from head to toe, voice and all.

Whether you raid the frontlines or chill out away from the chaos, there's a job that suits your fancy.

Class changes can be done in as little as a few seconds too with quick equipment swaps – that goes into saying that they're way faster than magical girl transformations. With this in mind, players can level up the class just by continuing the adventure with an arcane Grimoire or a cast-iron Skillet, and specialize after gaining class levels. Upon reaching class level 30, you can specialize to get the class’ respective Crystal imbued with the deeds of warriors before your time, breaking the limits of your class, allowing you to utilize Job-specific skills.

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Cherrykuns's picture

Cherrykuns 8 years 1 week ago

That, I might not be certain. All Final Fantasy online games are in a subscription-based format, and even Final Fantasy 11 is still kicking thirteen years since its launch. I'm afraid that things might stay the same, but I'm hoping that they would somehow reduce the subscription charges. Turning it into a free-to-play game might destroy its current business model.

Shogun's picture

Shogun 8 years 1 week ago

I really want to play this game, i should give it a shot because I love the final fantasy saga.. But is so expensive, i might wait for a price change, hope they do what TERA did.

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