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Faith still looking gorgeous
E3's best PC games 2015

14. Rainbow Six: Siege

terrorist ambush
Matches in this game can be pretty intense

Rainbow Six: Siege tells the story of an unknown terrorist organization attempting to destroy the world. In response, the nations of the world have joined together to combat this threat with a specialized group of soldiers. Up until now, fans have seen gameplay regarding the 5 vs 5 game mode where one team plays as the terrorists defending a bomb or hostages, and the other team is playing as the counter-terrorists. What makes this game unique is the emphasis on both destructible terrain and completing an objective. Is the bomb just below you? You could just blow a hole through the roof and drop down.

In the E3 gameplay trailer, I found it interesting to note just how much information players can gain from either cameras in the location or from scout drones. This seems like a small effect at first, but having a tactical overlay of a situation allows players to think about these problems in a similar way a real life SWAT team might.

Once this game is released, I’m sure fans will not be disappointed at this change of pace from the constant warfare simulation games to a hostage rescue situation.   

Release Date: October 13th, 2015

E3 Player vs Player combat:

Terrorist Hunt:

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