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Dota 2: 10 Most Amazing Comebacks Ever
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8. Na'Vi vs. Orange.Neolution

5:08, you dont see Aegis denials very often. If ever.

Orange.Neolution had tons of stuns, huge teamfight spells, escapes, disables giving then an early game advantage. All that opposed to Na'Vi's squishiness and moderate damage output. Orange.Neolution had all the tools they needed to shut down Puppey's Black Hole's and even catch the elusive Puck. With excellent map control and reaction they countered every gank attempt from Na'Vi.

After another successful fight and quick Roshan kill, Windranger denied the Aegis. That was the mistake Na'Vi were waiting for. The Dire team's confusion made them lose a big fight near Radiant's ancient camp and this got Na'Vi get back into the game.

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