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Counter Strike Global Offensive Lounge
CS GO Lounge: 10 Things you need to know

8. Is CS go lounge free to use?

CS GO Lounge is free. Users are very much welcome to use this site to satisfy their CS GO hunger. May it be a hunger for competition or just wanting to acquire as many Classified or Covert item skins to show off in matches. This website will not charge anything for trades and bets. Feel free to use it however you wish.

9. Is it safe?

CS GO Lounge trading is safe, they use a bot as a middleman to trading. In betting, they will acquire the items you offered and hold it until the match is finished. Then they will trade the items back to you with the additional winnings IF your team did win the match. They also use bots as middlemen for trading. So you don’t need to worry about security. You just pick an offer to trade to, and the bots will handle the rest.

10. Why should you use it?

There are a lot of benefits of using CS GO Lounge, aside from the fact that you’ll be engaged in a community full of CS GO players. You can participate in the trading and betting of items with thousands of players around the globe or root for your favorite teams in live competitive matches. Watching a competitive match is more enjoyable when you have something on the line to lose... and this way, you're only losing items if you lose and hope you can get some amazing high grade weapon skins when your team wins. Making the win of your team feel much more fulfilling.

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