Bethesda's New Game "Prey" is Solid on PC

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Prey's PC port is a refreshing change from the usual fare.

The port report.

An unfortunate side effect of the popularity of gaming consoles vs. PC is that games are often made with consoles first in mind and PC second, resulting in some pretty poor ports. That’s not the case with Bethesda and Arkane Studios newest release Prey. After the issues surrounding Dishonored 2 at launch it’s a relief to have something that works the way it should.

Reviews widely report a smooth frame rate with no crashes and bugs and tight controls with quick load times (definitely a change from Dishonored, which took forever to load on my gaming desktop after launch).

Okay so that’s the good news, right? What’s the bad?

The bad news, however, is that as of now there is no in-game FOV slider. Bethesda announced that it will be available in a coming update, but for the meantime it requires fiddling around with the game’s config file, typically located in c:\users\Saved Games\Arkane Studios\Prey. To change the FOV locate “cl_hfov=85.5656” and adjust the value up to a maximum of 120. It’s a process that most PC gamers are used to, especially those of us prone to simulation sickness, but hopefully it won’t take long for a proper FOV slider to appear in the in-game options menu.

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